I find you had a kicking and robust start to ’09. I know I did! Is it just me, or is new consciousness’ and shifts permeating everywhere? It’s not the normal New Year resolution consciousness either; but rather bolder commitments to clutch ’09 for every reasonable worth. The masses decided to claim: ’09 is MINE (catchy rhyming).

Speaking of newness and transformations, MaleStyle Review over the next few weeks will leaf a new page—more posting consistency. I receive all the e-mails, comments, even cornered in public asking for more, more, and more. As I respond all the time, “Remember, DADDY works to upkeep a modern abode and put food on the table (starving artist don’t cut it over here). I make a solemn promise (right hand on GQ) to activate more postings and content to keep you gush and filled.

Effective today, I have discontinued our News Bits section. I plan however to still share my daily In the Present postings (a realized big hit with MSR readers). Additionally, we commit to daily Picture Lockdown posts, and scores of other exciting weekly topics and content! Even videos of yours truly will be gracing the platform.

I thank everyone for their continued journeying with the MSR ship!


JD said...

Diggin the shirt. It's good to see Mr. MSR goes back to his roots of streetwear via Dapper Dan, haha. You inspired me in those days, can't wait to see the new new

MS Reviewer said...

Thanks for your comment and feednback JD. Also, the t-shirt is Vintage!