The film junkie within is always on prowl for excellent films. Documentaries, in particular, leave off impacting impressions. Looking at the recent Sundance Film Festival lineup I divinely ran into “The September Issue.” I am on tip-toes eagerly waiting for the picture to hit NYC. (Sundance Film Festival brings the entire festival for ONE week to NYC ever year (Brooklyn, to be exact).)

The documentary storms through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors of VOGUE perched with editrix Anna Vintrour and A-team (Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, and many more) and document the step-by-step creation of the 2007 September VOGUE issue; the primetime issue month for VOGUE and most magazines. I noted over 800+ pages in the 2007 September edition in my archive. Can you imagine the vast behind-the-scenes footage R.J. Cutler documented for the aforementioned Fall tome?!!

Before venturing into the menswear expert field, marketing and advertising held my [career] heart. I dissected advertisers and seen the heavy control their ad dollars influenced magazine directions and decisions. VOGUE is completely opposite from other publications when September comes bellowing. Advertisers, ranging from high-glamorous to average denim labels compete for a coveted page in September VOGUE.

To see the behind-the-curtains of a ‘Fashion Bible’ (industry termed) I believe makes this documentary a must-see-must-watch.

Check the September Issue Q&A and Director Spotlight clips below:

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