Before I recap killer fashions trampling the red carpet, I must salute SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! The top dog film garnered four golden statues. I told you after previewing the picture; it would gain loads of awards and industry recognition. A true rags-to-riches sensation! The Oscar lead-up buzzes began fiercely circulating after last night nomination scorings. I digress.

With mental note-taking mode ON, I tuned into the pre-shows to analyze sartorial flairs. The majority of ladies of course smashed 100% but real in view focus zoomed on Gents. The men came sharp, dapper, and award-winner-ready in modern penguin tuxes and suiting. The impeccable manly looks continuing buzzing after the ceremony were:


The award presenter came cut in a sharp double-breasted handmade suit! Fresh choice, I say!

Simon Baker

The popular Aussie actor's dashing notch lapel Italian-tailored trimmed suit seized my full attention.
Side note: Next time, Please Simon, shine or polish shoes before suiting up.

Terrence Howard

The minute he graced the podium, I knew his fit-like-a-charm peaked lapel suit won my best-dress title!

Chris Pine and Zachary Pinto

One donning a mod type suit, the other a modernize tux (properly shape might I add) , the pair had to receive wardrobe approvals.

Sean "Diddy" Combs

The natty Gent always round our red carpet favorite list! I favor the footwear switch up from angular square toe to semi-pointy toe. Well done!

Colin Farrell

The rebel always jazzes up the carpets. Last night he came fresh in a luxe peak lapel suit and svelte tartan-print vest.

Blair Underwood

Actor Blair confidently showed off his smooth-looking tuxedo to the flashing paparazzi.


Van said...

Simon Baker's Australia, not British.

MS Reviewer said...

Thanks for the correction Van. I'll make the minor revision.