Earlier in the year, I made an entry highlighting the spotlight shot LUSSW Magazine (Men’s lifestyle magazine for Japan) gave Mr. MSR. Well guess what happen two weeks ago: The magazine shot me again! In addition, they shot my stylish comrades as well!! The infamous photographer—TeKay—executed magic once more. She definitely knows how to maneuver the optical lens.

Her relaxed and composed composition for capturing shots (as you’ll see below) made the shoot seem a breeze! At one point I felt like an actual model on set…lol. After seeing our shots, and previous works, I could see TeKay shoots “stories” and not individual subjects.

As bustling NYC streets and tenement architecture as the focal backdrop, she still manages to confine the ‘lifestyle’ presence beaming from the garments. With permission, I am able to give the readers EXCLUSIVES from the amazing shoot.

Check out the shoot, as well other NYC style dandies in the next issue of LUSSW magazine hitting newsstands soon.


Mr. MSR in spring essentials!

Shot in my favorite go-to neighborhood of NYC:
Meatpacking District

My bro Jey showing us crazy Spring Flair!

Focus in on the detailing.
Very urban Great Gatsby, huh?!

Tomas just 'gets it' every time!

You know a hat connoisseur when you see one.

The belt buckle is speaking 'urbane.'

How can you ever lose with fresh soles? You simply can't!!


michboo said...

wow! you never know what's in you untill you try it...your model material. you guys make style look so easy..

MS Reviewer said...

I second the latter! If something is apart of your daily routine(offering gentleman style) it becomes eventually a habit! Thanks for the comment Michboo!