ABSOLUT + Kanye West

Today, during a train ride, I featured my eyes on the comical adverts Absolut partnered with Kanye to produce. It has some narcissistic connotations of course, but I found the ad's real comical and strange, coming from a beverage brand that normally whips up stimulating and memorable ad campaigns.

Honestly, I felt the collaboration should of gave birth to something more supreme.

Train Advertisement

The viral video birth from this questionable concept.


steelcloset said...

Wow, they actually went beyond the viral video campaign and are making poster. Too bad ppl don't even think of Absolut when they see Kanye's face.

MS Reviewer said...

Absolutely steelcloset. Posters are smeared all throughout NYC trains. He's definitely has arbiter creds with things-cool, this campaign however, is polar opposite to Kanye's aesthetic and uber appeal.

gladitsnight.com said...

AWESOME concept!