Double Breast? Single Breast? Double Vent? Notch Lapel?

The amalgam of suiting jargons might run you into fashion frenzy when sourcing the perfectly fit suit. First thing to know: Your body type. It’s not hard. Snatch a body mirror, and whatever seems to be mirroring back, identify the results as your “body type.” If you are athletically built, psyching yourself up to be Euro-slim inevitably backfires when flocking to menswear shops for suit offerings.

Men tend to have off perceptions of which suit actually beautifies their gentleman physique. To avoid any suit purchasing mishaps, secure the must-do's below, and assure no embarrassments from sales clerks.

We’re not telling the ‘how-to’ with suits (might end up disinteresting you), but rather dishing the simple essentials of securing the perfect fitting suit.

Cut and Fit

A fiercely cut suit—double-breasted or single-breasted—must sit on the wearer. Slim-built to medium-size built guys should seek linear-cut suits. Linear styles lengthen and elongate the shape—providing a lean and slick poise. In addition, it offers eye-pleasing proportions.

If suits ride (front or side gaping) your frames take it in for alteration to a professional tailor (NO Dry Cleaners).

For athletic built frames, opt for double-vent suiting--it syncs with your stature. Why? It gives forgiving freedom throughout the shoulders and back area. Also to note, it drapes coolly when buttoned up. The suit dissects the upper body giving a V-formation shape (the ultimate enhancer for non-gym buffs!).

A perfectly fit suit is cornerstone for gentleman style.

Just remember the aforementioned essentials ,and you won’t have any post-purchase qualms.

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