When I think luxury monograms, the first brand to appear is always Louis Vuitton.

The Goyard's, MCM's, and Gucci's all follow behind.

The 'Damier' series is a personal LV mongogram favorite. Why? For the simplicity and bold checkered squares. In addition, it's a suitable monogram for men and strongly betters the traditional all over LV monogramming, I firmly, believe. Louis Vuitton continues to roll out statement pieces that clutch our dinero and charge cards.

The new luxurious obsession : Louis Vuitton Damier large knapsack. The knapsack is not your average toting one. With plentiful leather strappings and shimmering hardware, the luxe carrier is camp-ready and streetwear savvy. I would ditch my hand carryall in a flash to schlep the oversize Damier.

I didn't see any release information about the Damier knapsack. I heard it was exclusively crafted for a certain [fashinisto] celebrity, but I need a confirmation. Take my word; I'll be phoning the Louis Vuitton PR office to inquire further about getting my shoulders underneath the fierce knapsack.


JD said...

That is a dope backpack. Keep me updated on the info with this one!

Anonymous said...

LV is hot, except for that comouflage hot mess bag Marc made.
This ones classy and man chic though.
I do Mens fashion too

MS Reviewer said...

I also believe this knapsack is classy. As for the camo bag that's not Marc design doings. It was done by Takashi Murakami. Search his name on the blog and you'll see where I made mention of the bag. In addition, cool blog, indeed.