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In the Present

"We become whatever we attend to. If we allow our attention to wander in the slums of preoccupation, we absorb the contents of the slums. If we regain our power of attention and focus on higher themes, we blend with the higher themes. We must resolve to reclaim our power of attention from flighty mental pursuits. In other words, "stop daydreaming".

As Jesus said, "be alert and awake, for you not know when the Master is coming". The Master is your higher consciousness, but it only comes when your mind is empty of the past and future, otherwise there is no room to enter."


Texas oil magnate gets greener by offering up $2 billion to create a wind farm.

Beach bum Matthew McConaughey and Camila welcomes their son Alan yesterday.

Barack schedule to receive Democrat endorsement in front of 76,000 supporters.

The hip locale NYC revelers venture to for weekend refreshment.

First-ever boutique hotel gets $9 million dollar facelift.

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