With timeless and creative style, as the reappearing message, these style players dress the part all while looking smashingly good.

Tennis star Andre Agassi, achieves the ‘gentleman’ look on the cover of HAMPTON STYLE. Kicked back in a fitted notch lapel number, matched with a crisp white shirt, a youthful-looking Andre beams.

Looking unbothered, Sir Fonzworth Bentley (host of Mr. MSR’s new favorite show: G’s to Gents) rest on a leather club chair sporting an earth-tone [window pane] plaid jacket with matching denim shirt and pants—very western contemporary!

From the moment I laid eyes on this style dandy, I admired his majestic white suit and royal purple drivers (you know there TODS!) used to flair up his ensemble. Don’t you just this summer look? With his unbutton striped shirt and camel Hermès belt he reminds us why in summer we stock easy-breezy garments—with hints of luxe.

Fast forwarding to Spring ’09, I loved how transferable this silhouette is to Fall. Mr. MSR had to rip it of the runway; to show key pieces Gents can grab, even before the flowers re-blooms next Spring.

Singer M.I.A. and fiancé Benjamin Brewer shows young and stylin’ at this year’s MOMA: The Party in the Garden. Mr. Brewer opts for the traditional gala black and white uniform which he sports and fits well. The lovey-dovey matching crossed-leg posing are way too cool.

On line in CVS recently, this VOGUE cover appeared in the peripheral. The first surprise was the young and regal look the model posed for the cover. The second shocker, it was Kate Moss! Honestly, shots as such, affirm the “chameleon” tag I have placed on Kate.


Anonymous said...

M.I.A. why are the fashionista sleeping on her. M.I.A. is gorgeous and the style is light years away from the typical Style.com Look #23 you see in EVERY magazine! WAKE UP!

Augh - the Kate Moss cover is a BIG MESS! Kate is no Lady! She a fashion rebel. American Vogue needs to get over itself -- it's been quite uninspiring for nearly a decade . Anna Wintour needs to be dusting her resume.


MS Reviewer said...

I agree with you regarding M.I.A. However, in contrary to your thoughts on Kate Moss, I feel she did good with the cover. As for Anna, that's another issue. She's secured and content with her title.