The Jonas' come prepped and ready for the paparazzi snaps. Three different smashing style choices conjure collective eclecticism.

NBA star Chris Paul slam-dunks a confident yet assured pose for Ben Watts (best men’s fashion photographer!!) in this month’s GQ. Of all the presented looks, the modern interpretation with denim-on-denim stokes us up.

Usher whips out tailored muted tones for the Victoria Secrets show pink carpet in Miami recently. An appealing smile tied to a kicking three-piece suit makes for good photos—bottom line.

A men’s fashion-pairing (biker chic look) seen everywhere, looks rather delightful on Chris Breezy for last night’s AMA awards show presentation.

Although were bored stiff with the uninspiring gray hues frequently styled on Neyo, we support the completeness the look depicts for his LA Times cover shot.

Nothing brings together an ensemble more than a distinguished coat. Seen here, Rihanna rocks out an elegant Gucci multicolor coat with leather strap closures for a Unicef outing.

Kanye Weezy decided on ultra, ultra-casual for last night’s well-dressed AMA’s. We are alarmed by the low-key dressing choice. We were not stunned though, at the interestingly funky snap-front jacket Kanye donned from his Pastelle clothing collection.

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