I’m browsing for casual day-to-night footwear and summoned up these OK looking spectator styles from Kenneth Cole Reaction. The more urban and rugged collection of Kenneth Cole surprised us; in fact, shocked our Lanvin kicks off. The Reaction collections were dreadful and an ultimate write-off in MSR books. Think a dressy version of Sketchers to visualize the unsightly offerings of Kenneth Cole Reaction. Square angular fronts, heavy-duty stitching (in all the wrong shoe areas), gaudy buckle, and high-traction soles placed on a single shoe, are just repulsive and gross…seriously.

I grew a pinch of faith after spotting the brown suede footwear. Even those multihued bottoms scream heading-in-new direction! The footwear designers leaf a new page and are actually releasing decent looking shoes which would not collect stomach-turning reactions from eyewitnesses. Keep traveling onward in the new direction K.C.R.

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