Since age twelve, my hairline sharp edges and close shaves have only knew one grooming expert and barber. The loyalty may lighten up after going under subtle hypnosis by John Allan’s. On a recent menswear market preview at Saks Fifth Avenue, I strode into the revamped men’s department to unconsciously unearth John Alllan’s. Although established for a healthy 3 years in Saks, I never took notice. Erecting an airy and fragrant cologne department might of help for hauling me close. I walked in and telepath to new milieus—away from the craze Gucci and Comme des Garçons collections imparted.

The lofty feel of the space and checkerboard window pane dividers allows you to experience every characteristic of the members-only space. The snooty and nose-up energy you expect from clubby surroundings amputated itself. Instead, you encounter upbeat and cheery professionals clipping, shampooing, shoe shining, manicuring, massaging, and shaving away in tune with their client.

The John Allan’s membership prices below $1,000 for the year and comes bundled with The Signature Full Service. Which includes: Scalp Massaging Shampoo (puts you in sleep mode), Conditioning Treatment, Hot Towel (great for exfoliating negative facial properties guys), Haircut, Manicure, Shoe Shine, and a chilled beverage to finish off. The successful men’s grooming club has five establishments offering quality services across the USA.

For more information of membership and services, visit the groomers online at: www.johnallans.com

The John Allan's Experience.

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