Mr. MSR has an aversion to individuals spending carefree and wasteful on luxurious duds. Know it’s outright unstylish to clad down in luxury logos not properly meshed together. Wearing labels and logos is absolutely fine...sporting them improperly, is what makes us vehemently tick off.

Please avoid from making the pictured fashion slip-ups. Shoot a quick e-mail to us for style suggestions on blending or incorporating designer labeled pieces.

It saddens us to witness the suffering the LV Damier Graphite pieces are undergoing.
Men's Style Advice: The laden designer logo blend comes across very uniform-like. To proper fix the fashion conundrum, incorporate either Damier merchandise as standalones. Complimenting not obstructing, trumps.

The knockout mink that once starred the runways now looks ordinary due to distasteful blending.

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