In the Present

Today's In the Present rooted from pal "Reverend Run" of legendary rap trio RUN DMC. This message bears solid truth. And I encourage the readers to get present with the simple message.

"Good morning. When there are ten buyers and only three puppies, every dog is the pick of the litter!! There's only one YOU... People need what YOU have... Put your unique qualities on display... People will pay you for it... People will honor you for it... Take it from the dude who sits in a tub filled with bubbles writing words of wisdom."


Bill Clinton nudges Hillary Clinton towards Secretary of State top spot.

The magazines are spilling out their “Best” lists; PEOPLE took their turn.

It’s looking grim and dismal for Beyonce at the upcoming Grammys. Side note: I heard all the tracks of the super-popularized album. Honestly, I had only two takeaway strong tracks, besides the other currently circulating airwaves.

Tree houses boasting modular details and green-inclined features get us woodsy and eager to trek the nearest mountain land.

Unbelievable! A teenage girl survives with artificial heart for—get this—118 days!

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