Duckie Brown Model

Design duo Steven Cox and Daniel Silver whipped out a strong and inspiring fall collection. The common thread with each constructed piece: Dark Colors. Duckie Brown ditched the loud plaids; psychedelic colors; briefs-with-woven looks; shapeless sweatshirts and everything else way too Fall eclectic. This year, the ready-to-wear pieces freshly represented fall—as it should.

After the first model touched onto the catwalk, all music being played ceased. I mean MUM, gents. Oxfords rhythmic tapping down the runway were the only noticed music. I thought the silence immersed a bevy of editors and patrons into the collection flowing before their pupils.

Color black was the dominant choice for the majority of looks. But lighter hues-light grays-also complimented the excessive black-on-blacks. Turning a new designing page still however included some introduction classics: Oversize tams (Brad Pitt + David Beckham rock these heavy) and crisp arrow shirts. Double breast and single breast mix-match suiting (I’m a fan of incorporating differentness ) offered a sly-cool to the collection. Coats (Bombers, Constructed Peas, Tailored Safari Jackets, Shearling, Windbreakers) were the essential pairing for Duckie’s fresh separates.

Another interesting pairing I seen was Luxe knapsacks. A few knapsacks jazzed up some looks I thought. Knapsacks I feel will become the new ‘male-bag’ for fall—just watch! I saw many pieces I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase on a whim. A sheer sweater (pictured above) however is still screaming at my wallet (will purchase if available at Duckie Brown’s famed sample sales).

Overall, I give big kudos to Steven + Daniel for a stately menswear fall collection.

I definitely look forward to Spring ’09…..

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Anonymous said...

Duckie Brown was a great show to open fashion week with.