Artist Nelly added another brand to his designer cred: TROOP Clothing. Nelly is set to re-launch the once popular brand. For all the eighties enthusiasts still kicking, you’re familiar with the TROOP signature logo. Plus, their ultra-high top sneakers (similar to British Knights) were tastemakers’ mark back then LL Cool J glorified the clothing brand in the Mama’s Gonna Knok You Out days. Last year with the 80’s comeback overload I noticed the brand wasn’t present, not even their iconic signature t-shirts (eBay gem). I’m really excited to see what comes from TROOP’s resurgence!

Nelly sporting Troop at a 2007 performance.

Mr. MS R stocks a powerful TROOP collection that he swears by (TROOP windbreakers are coming out hibernation) and definitely has no plans to make it retro.

ROYAL Purple Troop Sweater never looked so crisp.

Some great places to snatch up some TROOP gear or memorabilia:

-eBAY of course.

-Fruition LV (My good friends are owners of this one-of-a-kind boutique. Fruition stocks MCM, Vintage Polo, Vintage Nike and other classic assortments)

-Vintage Stores all over. England might be your best bet hands down.

-Your elder sibling’s closet or storage container.

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