I ventured South (love my J. Blue) for a family wedding and mini-vacay (definitely needed). According to my cousin,"Florida is too flat" but I think it's pretty laid back. Oh yea, laid back being really quiet. I'm in the sticks (Fort Lauderdale) but funny enough I'm enjoying every bit of it. Sometimes you just need to decompress and zone out the excessive buzz.

I don't drink alcohol, but I was happy to receive this bottle of KahlĂșa from a total stranger who didn't want to schlep around too many things. Thanks Sir!
Sidebar-- I didn't consciously put together this apparent Valentines outfit. It dawned on Mr. MS R after finding out the meaning of my shirt (love the life) from a fellow traveler that it could come across that way.

Plus, I get to catch up on some overdue book readings and begin fleshing out some interesting projects. Talking buzz: My cousin and I plan on visiting South Beach for some serious shopping and culture. Collins Avenue watch out!

Cousin handling the Miami drive.

Even in the sticks of Florida, I got my hands on some style. My hotel is the truth! And really shock on the boutique feels my Holiday Inn (you read, right) is offering up. I guess even down in the greenery, they've received the memo to get updated, or get left.

My hotel room ( just remodeled and perfect room style for a Gent) is very urbane and I'm planning on incorporating some of the above design elements in my abode.

Stay tune for photos, updates, and all Florida happenings!


Anonymous said...

I love that sweater you have on. Who's the designer?

MS Reviewer said...

Thanks for the compliment anonymous. The designer, I can't seem to recollect. However, it was purchased from a sample sale at Stuart + Wright (Brooklyn). If your in NYC, visit the boutique to see if anymore is in stock. If you're not in NY call them up to see if you can get it shipped.