After a fun day at Belleayre Mountain!

When last have you mustered up the courage and boldness to go beyond your limits?

This weekend I did just that at Belleayre (pronounced Bel-Lair) Mountains. My friends from church and I suited up (layers for days!) and headed out early a.m on Saturday to snowboard. The weather wasn’t ideal (continuous rains throughout the Eastern front) for snowboarding but we went regardless (talk about FAITH!). The rains made the controlling and maneuvering with the board/skis more challenging. Despite the minor hindrance, we had a BLASTT on the trip and rocked the snow trails!

I created a little photomontage for you readers to check out!

Acting a mess snowboarding down!

Nicole beaming before snowboarding.

The crew prepping to board down the icy slopes.

My dawg Kevin just can't seem to get up!
Sidebar: My boy taught me a few tricks at the high top. What happen coming down was the best rush I've ever felt!!! Riding Batman & Robin (Six Flags) doesn't compare one bit.

My butt connecting with the rough ICE!

I captured this money shot of Jeremy shooting down on his skis.

An Exhausted Mr. MSR!

Bijou (a true gem indeed!) and Mr. MSR (a little tired) kicking back.

Jeremy and Jason chilling in the cabin.

Kevin and Michelle (Michiboo on MSR) posing for the Exlim lens.

Mr. MSR and Nana featuring our megawatts!

The best adventure to take on before SPRING ! I'm so tempted to plan a trip back. Even knowing the aches, pains, and bruises I'm going to encounter.

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