“Why don’t you get a girl or interior decorator/consultant to design your apartment?” , said a family member recently. My response: “I’m the only creator for my space.”

Certain Gents, tend to rest on others for creating the aesthetic feeling for their abode. We’re then totally dissatisfied because the finished results are not reflecting who we are. Rather it’s bearing other peoples style-feel and design desires.

So, as you readers are aware, I’ve taking on the daunting and exhilarating task of lacing my studio (It’s turning out DOPE!!!). That means painting abstracts; knocking walls out; polyurethane-ing (sp) bricks, hand building (best part!); ridding old memorabilia and other essential renovation endeavors. I’ve learned your truest [architectural] style resides within. To understand home designing with proper proportion and streamlining it takes a required focus. Since embarking on the construction journey (lol), I have found magazines and HGTV (my older brother and I are hook) to be great guidelines to help layout your space. These referrals give you ways to incorporate your already visional ideas and plans.

Recommendations for Gents designing their space:

1. Seek out the best Home publications (Domino, Metropolitan Home, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest!!, Robb Report, NY Times Home & Garden section and many more...) that gives clear insight on how to proportionally deck your abode up. In addition, I’ve checked out store catalogs (Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel (!!), Ikea, and West Elm) for additional tips. Lastly, my go-to website: Apartment Therapy (get to see other homeowners design savvy creations).

2. Who are you? Whatever you answer let it show in your home. If you’re an art enthusiast or rock collector inject these likings throughout your space. In addition, don’t be afraid to put these items in unconventional places (Bathroom, Kitchen); it only kicks up the eccentricity Gents!

3. Proportion. Proportion. Know your space and utilize it Gents. If you have large spaces show it off with your furnishing arrangements. I strongly believe larger spaces must have the airy feel (like a museum exhibit). As for smaller more intimate dwellings, YOU must achieve the larger-than-large effect. Achieving this effect will require some investing in shelving systems (The Container Store or Muji) or bookcases (preferably floor-to-ceiling). You want to bring apartment visitors eyes upward and not around. A personal favorite of mine is floor mirrors—it automatically enlarges the apartment size.

4. Great finds are always good for the space (large or small)! I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a furniture freegan (Google the term). I found some good pieces on casuals walks (the painting pictured below was a $2 street find) in my neighborhood. Don’t be scured to nab street finds. If it’s not dilapidated brush it off and prop it front-and-center. Also, thrift shops (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.) are great places for rare figurines or décor. As the say: Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

5. Good furniture. It’s key you buy solid timeless pieces for the space. Your furniture should not be one-stop. Meaning, it should travel with you for years upon years. If it’s timeless, it never dates (like a crisp white oxford). Get neutral colors and pieces that can backdrop your other color choices seamlessly. West Elm, Pottery Barn, Jonathan Adler, Bo Concepts, just to name a strong few are great furniture stores with timeless furnishings.

These were some tips I’ve learned before and throughout the home renovation process and now I pass it forward to you GENTS.

Sidebar: If you’re a NYC habitant or visiting this weekend visit the Architectural Home Design Show at PIER 94 (12th Ave @ 55th Street). It’s the best home design show to hit the East Coast I believe. The ‘Home Furniture Show’ at the Javits is cool but I feel this show is more edited. I’m definitely going to walk the floor and excite the furniture senses a little. Plus, don’t hesitate to say howdy if you see Mr. MSR!

Best street find to date!

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