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Thursday 13, March 2008

Fears of money

"We are all powerless as children, and money looms so powerfully... we don't grow up to claim our financial power until we look money directly in the eye, face our fears, and claim that power back."

-- Suze Orman

How does money scare you?

In your journal, write down your greatest fears around money, and see what comes up. If emotions surface, as they undoubtedly will, let them come. Really feel your feelings, without judgment. They'll give you valuable information.

"In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits, express your power, and fulfill your potential; it’s no different in the financial realm. In a buy-now, consume-now culture like ours, it takes courage to make the decisions today that may make us rich tomorrow. It takes courage to face up to the facts of old age and mortality and to prepare for them. It also takes courage to live generously, regardless of your financial state of affairs. ...It takes courage to ask for what you want. And it takes courage to live honestly, wisely, true to yourself ...and true to your desire for more."


Every campaign scandal means another employee bites the dust!

The Houston Rockets continue launching into victory with 20th straight win.

John McCain starts looking for his tag team partner.

Mr. MSR favorite shop in the world! Plus, I dig Olivia Kim and Jen. Krause who runs their showroom!!!
Hackers breaking into iPhone 2.0.

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