I can't even muster the words to add to caption for this shot. It's simply priceless!

Young fashion-forward I can tell for sure. Great job Sartorialist.

I came across this old shot recently; I enjoyed both subjects style (Mr. MS R needs that blazer in his life) and openness for fun.

Sharon Stone pulled of this androgynous getup for Elton John's Oscar soiree and still looked darn good.

Mr. Karl Lagerfeld showing his austere swag as usual before the Chanel show.
Sidebar: I saw Karl's documentary recently and this guy is the polar opposite from his serious poses.

Mr. Alexander Allen (AAwesome on MS R) in sleek black-on-black at the 5th Annual Action Awards. The jacket (Thierry Mugler!) ultra-slimming fit shouts BESPOKE at you!

Johnny Lee Miller stylin' at Elton's Oscar event.

Sidebar: The skinny tie reflects stronger with narrow spread collar Gents.

Mr. Benjamin Bixby [fashionably] promoting his new flick on TRL. Is it Mr. MS R, or has Andre been channeling the Paris look extra hard?

Sidebar: I think his linen pocket square is by RODA (exclusively for BARNEYS) . Gents, linen pocket squares is a must-have for Spring. Ditch those cotton handkerchiefs and refresh your pockets with premium linen.

This shot looks straight from a movie still. Kanye storming Paris runway show with girlfriend in toe. I'm not mad at the Moncler puffer vest and 80's electro fames. Who cares if Balenciaga denied you at their show doors, you still styled at Chanel, and sparkled for Swarovski.

Kanye Pt. II

I'm feeling the outfit (details: paisley gray pocket square; white bow tie and crisp white shirt w/ silver buttons) Sir. The accompanied beauties definitely give the ensemble added luster.

Erykah and Q-Tip cover shot for TRACE's Spring '08 Art Issue.

I'm definitely framing this shot for my studio!


JD said...

The trace cover is hard. Did you get to see any of Benjamin Bixby during fashion week?

MS Reviewer said...

In total agreement with you about the cover. Although the pose has been shot many times in various situations, the duo infused a cool twist. Re Bixby: I saw a few pieces JD. Barneys however will be carrying a majority of the line soon so I'll see the merch. scope then.