Each week with posting up—the super-popular—MSR: This Week In Style, I’m beginning to take note of the more Gents fashioning up the circuits. And I’m glad the bigger press wigs are overlooking us, because I get the pleasure of dishing out the finest dressers and style influencers spanning the streets—both international and regional.

Who is this colorful style-conscious being? It's none other than Derrick Miller!

The refined Creative Director behind Barker Black Ltd.

Vintage Pirelli Shoes advert with Naomi Campbell (a.k.a 'The Body') and Tyson.

Men's Vogue cover guy A. Rod wickedly executing the editorial shot. Check the pristine background which adds extra luster!

Classic Diddy w/ aviators shot of course. But tell me, how can I get this 'leather ringer' in my closet?!!

I love the colors and their detailed spacing!

Speak of Mr. Diddy, check his design BF out, Zac Posen sport the semi-scruff.

Feature the underlying V-neck ribbing texture contrast on Zac's knit.

This shot of designer Dao-Yi Chow seems as if he stepped out of a venerable Men's Fashion publication.

The glossy Balenciaga's on his feet are simply, stellar.

Bruce, Bruce! I see you bro; he's really channeling Tom Ford slightly with this number.

Besides that, you're a savvy styler in your own right, as we can see below.

Mr. MSR peacing back with Grams at function this weekend!

Don't ask me why I'm cheesing so hard!


Mr Allstate said...

Wassup Bro...I've been in Phoenix,AZ for the weekend...my journey in the car was entertained by the hot iPhone and my brothers hottest Blog...love the fashion tips and pics

MS Reviewer said...

Hey Big Bro! You made it on here! Sweeet!! I'm glad MaleStyle Review was there to aid your road trip boredom.