My wife Alicia Keys (no offense Krucial) has done it again with her new fire hit: Teenage Love Affair! It's cool and definitely channels your teenage puppy love days. You know--let's go to the movies and McDonald afterwards or the priceless: "hey baby, let me take you to Six Flags" for the day. The fellas in my era always sealed the deal with those initiatives!

Any how, listen to the track. As for the song's music video (releasing nationally Wednesday), I got exclusives views and it's pretty cool. The video basically channels the Spike Lee classic School Daze. In the video, she's sports a young 'fly-girl' (or 'Meeoow Girl' from the movie) look with funky jackets and door knocker earrings. Also, Derek Luke (channeling Laurence Fishburne from the movie), makes a cameo in the video who I presume is her interest in the video. In closing, kudos to the stylist (not sure if her stylist Wouri did the full cast) for outfitting the video with some strong looks.

Teenage Love Affair:

Update: As said above, "Teenage Love Affair" was making its debut yesterday(4/24). My wife gave 106th and Park first release exclusives! Check it out.

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