Whenever I see this picture--or any as a matter of fact--of Ajuma [Nasanyana] I wonder why the fashion covers hasn't soaked her striking yet bold features up? She's got the package: Size. Check. Height. Check. Measurements. Check. Picture-ready. Of course check.

I noticed the towering beauty last season at fashion week, dominating the catwalks with her powerful presence. What does it take for the global fashion publications to take notice of genuine beauty (sans cosmetic enhancements or configuration)? Nonconformity, if you ask me. Rare beauties like this (referring o modeling), I believe comes ever so often, and publications and advertising should realize this.

Just find the recent BARNEYS catalog or previous TARGET campaigns to see the beauty I'm referencing.



Anonymous said...

No offense but I think that she kinda looks like a guy.

MS Reviewer said...

None taken! Voice that opinion! I think she has what you call the androgynous feel and it's pretty much in.

Blogger said...

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