Ralphie giving the I'M THE MAN grin!

I’m thumbing through some magazines and the adverts for Ralph Lauren’s classic and bit nostalgic Blue Label stares me down. Ralph Lauren—or better yet David Lauren—continuously executes timeless advertising campaigns—both for print and billboard. Side note: Check next week’s entry for profile piece on David Lauren.

Just take a minute of your oh-so busy time and analyze these two story-telling adverts. I don’t know about you, but I find Ralph Lauren ads embed touches of aspiration and luxe. In conjunction with the campaign, the collection IS FIRE! The boastful prints are fresh and the solid-colored (both men’s and women’s) garment engineering is timeless!

Comprised Caption: AMAZING!!

Spring/Summer is soon approaching, and I recommend purchasing from the season-appropriate label. Plus, at the end of the day, a Ralph Lauren piece or outfit beefs up any style—be it for guy or lady.

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