I had the exclusive opportunity Wednesday morning, to privy the much-talked about Takashi Murakami retrospective. @MURAKAMI is out-of-this-world! The celebrated, better put, acclaimed Japanese artist will be presented at the Brooklyn Museum from April 5- July 13, 2008. Being part of the PRESS junket, it gave me the ultimate freeness to interpret, photograph, and even question his distinctive artworks. The best part of it all, documenting images for the readers to enjoy and immerse in.

Dr. Murakami (get it right. Ph.D. alum of prestigious Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) is cited as one the most powerful artists to have emerge from Asia in the late 20th century. Takashi's skillful hands have shown me ‘anime’ (animation) in newer formations. Honestly, it’s unbelievable!

Takashi Murakami ‘trademark painting styles’ were streamlined through most of the life-size and photo frame measurement pieces on display. Relayed to the PRESS, “Murakami blends the bright palette of pop, the flatness of anime, and the ominous dreams of surrealism. In addition to Takashi’s paintings, his momentous pieces for Louis Vuitton are on display and for sale. For the ladies, I got inside scoop from the LV camp: A new camo bag design by Takashi is soon to debut. Brooklyn Museum is offering the collabo bag first anywhere, exclusively for 2 weeks, then afterwards it's onto select stores. After seeing the bag, my friend Z, said she think its going to be thenext “It-Bag” for the females.

In closing, I’ve included my favorite shots from the exhibit. If you’re planning on visiting NYC, or you reside here, definitely get your butt over to the exhibit.

Thanks to everyone at the exhibit: Mona Sharf at Louis Vuitton; The Brooklyn Museum Communications Department; Lifestyle and Culture Writer Zandile Blay and Takashi Murakami’s dope stylist—MSR reader—Alexander Allen.

PS: I didn’t make the gala last night but I’m sure we’ll see pictures and news bits circulating about Kanye’s awesome performance.


My homie is very business-minded with the copyright [name] move!

Brace yourself for this title:
"That I may time transcend, that a universe my heart may unfold."

DoB (Alter ego for Takashi) balloons.

Louis Vuitton lock and key bow pocketbooks!
All monogram created for Louis Vuitton by Mr. Murakami.

Mr. MSR had to get a shot in! lol.
Posing alongside "Melting DOB."

"Super Flat Jellyfish"

"And Then, And Then, And Then And Then," '96.

"Tan Tan Bo Puking."

The BEST piece for last. Its FIREEEEE!

UPDATE: Kanye gave a great show for last night's Gala attendees. Take notice!

Quick gala recap for the viewers! Marc Jacobs was channeling hardcore "Miami Vice."

Entry Extension:

Jay-Z, although co-chair didn't make a big entrance last night. Why not make a presence if your co-chair right? I'll tell you why--Jay tied the knot with "Beautiful B" tonight at their penthouse in Tribeca. Tribeca was a paparazzi mosh pit for the tight-lip nuptials.


JD said...

This is so dope can't stress it enough, preciate the coverage!!

Mr. Allstate said...

Bro...I love the freshness!!!

MS Reviewer said...

JD- I agree with your dope feelings. Seeing it visually--in person of course--gets your creative juices flowing.

Mr. Allstate--Glad your feeling the freshness.