Hey MSR readers!

First and foremost, excuse the delay with posts. I left for another adventurous road trip (South Beach!) and forgot to pack my wireless connectivity device, so I'm fresh out of luck. Sans laptop, definitely is really a bummer on vacay. The hotel don't have loaner laptops and the Business Center isn't my vibe for computer usage.

I have so much to report back from sunny MIAMI (culture, shopping, eateries, hot-spots,...) with that I can't wait to land back in town to report.

In the meantime peruse your favorite past entries until I get back!!

Take care until!

-Mr. MSR


Diesel said...

So u run go a south beach and u no tell your little cousin. A what kinda a ting dat man

MS Reviewer said...

Thanks heaven for the Apple Store! I can comment and get my reading on! Cousin, no worries, I just had to get spontaneous with so much free time on my hand! Next time I'll loop you in! Count my word.