Due to the overwhelming amazing wears from the MET's Costume Institute Gala, and other style-inclines, this week's edition is a little lengthy. But great style can't be shorten--it always has subtle continuity.

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy (theme for MET's Gala).

TomKat complimenting each other.
Tom Cruise: I like the deep-V jacket backed by the white-on-white!
Note: Deep V cuts elongates the torso giving the wearer a taller frame.

Tom Brady to be honest, I never new you had this style in you. I'm use to the baseball caps and sweats. I was taken aback. PS: Holding onto her tight is right. lol.

What a popping-print frock! It's awesome and appropriate for the Gala theme.
Djimon having a suit-ready frame always assure him a best-dress title. I just hoped though, he would of brighten the necktie a tad bit.

The young of-the-moment actors both donning Ralph Lauren.
I love the bro's carefree style. It's so Johnny Depp!

Save the best for the last!
Zac Posen in his luxe Superman blue two textured suit. I gave him the most props; for being daring and executing in the same token. The Clark Kent eye wear was superb accessory pairing.


Fonzworth and Jay-Z showing back-to-back

Adam Brody showing us Gents how accessories can beautify the gently

The newlyweds are a style match-made in heaven.
I think Nick wears suiting well and should incorporate them more often.

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