Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Ahh, a good bedtime story! Think back to the formative years when you snuggled under the cartoon covers (mine were Power Rangers!) to read or hear a story which drifted you in REM (rapid eye movement) mode. Being a grownup lad, and resting on bachelor comforters, I upgraded my bedtime book to: Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren. As a recent present, my brother sent me the 16”x12” –weighing 14lbs.—pictorial hardback. Kudos to big bro for the well-appreciated token!! Bookstore phenomenon Rizzoli published 482 pages of amazement.

The book cover (pictured atop) oozes American heritage and lifestyle with a sepia close-up shot of Ralph Lauren nesting a thin stick between his teeth! The average individual would prefer perching the larger-than-life volume on a minimalist coffee table, but I believe it belongs at your beside. Inspiration should always be in eyeshot and reach! Inspiration this Ralph Lauren telltale is. The penetrating images allow you to travel with Ralph Lifshitz from the Bronx to the present Ralph Lauren: Devoted family man vacationing on Hampton sands—governing a billion dollar empire.

I finally found the first heirloom for my unborn son. Come to think, it’s a premiere legacy item—something Ralph Lauren already left in our style cerebral.

The book tags a hefty price ($135.00) but look at this as an investment that forever appreciates—just like Ralph’s incredible garments!

Just take a glimpse of what’s inspiring Mr. MSR:


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