Bustling Downtown Buffalo.

Summers require road-tripping and jet-setting to your retreat of choice. With three months to travel and explore new atmospheres and cultures, journalizing my experience I thought would be groovy. You know, giving a realer picture of a locale. Oftentimes we get hoodwinked by the grandiose verbiage charming copyrighters spew about travel destinations and getaways.

To kickoff the ‘Road Trip’ series, starting with a road trip last week to Buffalo is fitting. I opted not to Jet-Blue over, but take the 8-hour car ride up North with family. Reminiscing on great familial times erased the lengthy driving time. The reason for the mini vacay: To cheer on a cousin receiving his Masters from Buffalo State.

Immediately touching down in Allentown, Buffalo (late night) I scoped the Allen St. pavements (approx. 2 mile strip); ready to devour the shops and boutiques in the historic row-house area. Allentown is located in central downtown Buffalo. Along with its regal atmosphere, the area pleasantly offers a surplus of modern touches: Wi-Fi-laden coffee shops; Lofty college bars; and Fusion eateries for the cultured taste buds.

With several stops on the walking tour, a few left favored marks. Krudmart—a one-of-a-kind lifestyle boutique stocking moderately priced wears was awesome! I purchased two items: A James Dean t-shirt along with a short-sleeved wood button lined red gingham shirt. Shout out to the helpful salesman at Krudmart who supplied me an above-and-beyond shopping experience!

Afterwards, I stopped in a fair trade shop, which sold a lot of ethnic-inspired items. I bought a sun-colored men’s tunic (for island sands) made in Ecuador. The fit assured it was definitely for me! To conclude the tour, I, mom, and cousins knifed some tasty bites at Cozumel Grill (Elmwood Ave). I highly recommend ordering the Outback Wings—a true essential for any visitor to Buffalo.


Sunning out with cousin at Cozumel Grill

Mom and Mr. MSR chilling out post-meal.

Cousin with his siblings.

Mr. MSR getting cool photo-op with cousins!

Cousin with buddy Tony!

Mom and Mr. MSR posing with the Masters grad!

Aunt giving the congratulatory mother hug!

Uncle and Cousin offering swagger!
My uncle's adamant we got our style cues from him!

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Congrats to mi big cousin mario.