Mr. MSR normally role with three F's to keep his spirits up and percolating. The three F's : Family. Friends. Fun. During the weekend, I had the opportunity to partake in some Fun happenings with cool Friends. With the constant occupation of work and side projects, I decided to get away and enjoy a weekend (three full days!!) ; having fun with several amigos. I normally don't post up personal photos just because; however I wanted to encourage you readers to fill up your summer weekends with family, friends, and fun! Just watch how heighten your summer enjoyment becomes.

Friday: Zandile Blay (The Blay Report) and Julee A. Wilson hosted an Über networking soirée (The Rolodex Party) in Harlem, NY. It was awesome to connect with so many power players and genuinely cool individuals. Check a sampling of photos I documented from the night:

Mr. MSR and cutie kicking back.

The Fellas breezing out.

Mr. MSR and "The Rolodex" co-creator Zandile Blay.

Saturday: We targeted many functions but the most memorable had to be TARGET & Takashi Murakami's well-attended social at the Brooklyn Museum. The photos below explain it all...

Priceless shot. Clearly, they're enjoying the scene!

Straight blooper posing!

Smiling duo.

Mr. MSR and amigo Trav.

Jewel cueing up glamor for the lens!



aeeyo! u always look like u are having a good time! thanks so much for coming out to the rolodex! it was good to you!!!

MS Reviewer said...

Good energy always produce great times!! You're most welcome--the event was enjoyable sis!