Guccissima horsebit loafers.

Note: Get into the loafer bottom details.

A bit of step in your summer strolls this season.

I am a fan!! And I'm proud to say these status loafers grew on me after one season.

With sizzling temps rounding the corner, get ready to display some nude ankles—covering them with grandfather or tube socks is not an option. Sorry. Instead, cut-above the other dandies; exposing in a pair of luxe Guccissima horsebit loafers. Pure first-class footwear statements: The brand’s leather engraved ‘GG’ dotting technique and proportioned welt seam warrants them instant neck-breakers—conjuring the “Where did you get those?” inquiries.

The signature styles are amply summer-appropriate: From beach boardwalks to outdoor scenic Sunday brunches. Its exotic features, might summon wardrobe conundrums but actually it’s a faultless pairing for casual and sartorial getups. Win over gawking pupils with simple wardrobe match—ups.

Look # 1: A pure white v-neck (gives ensemble, dimensions) tee atop slimming relaxed-fit denims executes well.

Look #2: A sharply cut single-breast suit (solid color hues) accompanied by a classic fit oxford instantly dresses the loafers up. Can you say, Debonair?!

Additionally, opt away from blaring fabrics (the Versace’s or Roberto Cavalli’s)—it shuns the loafers’ swanky design elements. Subtle simplicity is vital for effectively donning Guccissima horsebits!

This season you cannot lose with attention-grabbing loafers!

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Keesean said...

to loafers are too chic for words