I couldn't conjure enough words or brief caption for the fashionable duo.
Simply put, they wear clothes, it never wears them.

Ashton is dashingly posing with Demi and Cameron. Mr. Kutcher normally sports crisp solid shirts so I was pretty shock to see him in prints. Which by the way, I think he features well.

Actor Clive Owen fitted in a rich single-breast suit. Clive infuses flair and finesse with the unbuttoned white shirt.

A favorite pair of mine offering up chic and cool during a casual saunter in NYC. I like your kicky red shades B. For some reason it doesn't give vintage but a la Ray Ban Wayfarer.

Kelly Rippa and hubby Mark Consuelos looking vibrant and youthful at a recent movie premiere. Mark's contrasting separates, compliments Kelly's coral number.

Rhi and Chris have a matching style edginess that translates.

Update: After completing this week's 'style best' , I saw this Gent and had to include him to our list.

Pause for a nanosecond and actualize the style-forward above. Literally, snapped while in middle conversation, you clearly see why personal style can never be price marked. It's embedded in your every fiber. Posed in an unstructured jacket, micro shorts, (I just can't get this low with the shorts) and velvet evening slippers, he's totally summer perfect.


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Beckham looks impecable.

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