As of lately, amid tiring economic slump reporting and U.S. Automaker bailout efforts, news reports rather not focus on the prospective winter weathers. I remember a time where it was standard to forecast snow and blizzard arrivals. Nowadays, news anchors (even meteorologists) are mum regarding prospected snow droppings. Very few states and areas welcomed weighty snowfalls. To make ready for the massive snowflakes, we have sourced more than a few snow-combating and easy-wearing men’s duck boots. All the boots shown, features highly durable traction or cleated soles—must-have ingredients for battling amounting snow.

Made by Superior Boot Co.
Aren't these duckies sleek and neat? Also available in low top option (pictured below).

Flax color boot by Sorel.

Zipper boots made by Tingley

Thinsulate boots by LaCrosse.

** We suggest opting for the reserves (as done in rigorous combat) if challenged against a beat-down snow blizzard.

Major heavy-duty boots designed by ITASCA.

High traveling (31" exactly) snow boots by Servus.

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