The days of purchasing pricey Kiehl’s energizing scrubs, daily washers, and facial fuel revitalizers have flutter through the double hung window. I have to THANK leading makeup expert Carmindy Bowyer for indirectly helping me discover my new grooming treatment. If you see the header it will only set you back $5 buckaroos. No gimmicks or catch. I wanted to trial the facial treatment for 1 week before sharing with the masses. Evidently, the facial cleansing was a proven hit after my doctor said “your skin looks well, were you traveling?!! I have been a “Baking Soda Facial” enthusiast since (inserting happy grin).

I find you readers/viewers will experience the same star results.


Let’s kickoff by mentioning the ingredients you will need:

1 Box of Baking Soda (roughly $.50-1.00). (Opt for Baking Powder as an alternative also)
1 8.5oz bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($3.99)
1 tablespoon
¾ of lukewarm/mild-hot water in standard teacup.

Facial Application:

1. Prior to applying the ingredients onto your face I highly suggest having a clean shave. (Tip: I confidently recommend ‘Quattro Titanium Trimmers’ for shave perfection. It caress’ and excavates course hair follicles like no other razor on the market!)

2. Post-shave; apply two palm-full coats of warm water onto your face to quickly loosen the pores.

3. Dish out two (2) tablespoons of baking soda into right/left hand. Right after; pour the teacup water into the same hand. (Looking before you should be a neat pileup mixture of baking soda & water).

4. Use the opposite hand and smother both hands into a circular motion. Now a course paste should begin forming between both hands.

5. Smooth out paste onto your face—as done with your regular facial wash—in a circular motion from the forehead right down to the chin area.

6. After applying on the paste, let it harden (forming a mask) for about 7-10 minutes
(recommend 15 minutes for first timers).

7. Return to the sink and thoroughly wash off the mask with mild-hot water. After washing, you will feel and notice, without touching with your hands, softness in your face. It’s absolutely normal…don’t panic. Take time to become aware of the cleaned pores, excessive oils vanished and the unwarranted exfoliation (dirt) in the sink basin.

8. Allow your face to air dry, but not completely. Apply three small droplets of olive oil into your palm. After rubbing the palms together, apply the E.V.O.O. onto your fresh face—forming the perfect and most natural skin moisturizer.

For the next 2 days, to a 1 week at most, I guarantee you will begin swearing by the $5 facial and receiving storms of compliments. As I bequeathed the facial gem to you, please, continue sharing forward.

UPDATE: A note placed in the post comment section made me realize I never instructed on the usage amounts. Me personally, I implement the $5 facial as a daily regimen. Depending on your facial-to-skin interaction, you then can formulate your own usage assessment.

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