Brad Pitt and Robert Redford (Early 70's) looking like twins.

Over the weekend, my movie-watching queue contained numerous excellent classics. What struck me about each film encounter, were the “timeless fashions” characters peered through; especially the leading/supporting male characters. I explored the initial thought with another ah-ha! moment: Yesteryear style figures reflect present limelight figures flourishing our TV screens.

Brad Pitt, Lenny Kravitz, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and average men all channel style influences from ‘greats’ who arrived before them.

Have a look! Notice the distinctive inspirations and trends these men pioneered in former times.

Robert Redford flaring a rather dapper look! Very reminiscent of a present Brad Pitt!

Ultra-skinny tie with loose draping at neck area mixed with "ban-roll" pants. I see scores of men--and even women--wearing this getup.

Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte showcasing slim printed ties paired with solid suiting!
A look visibly repeated on Gentleman Quarterly (GQ) glossy leafs.

Harry sports a dreamy charcoal suit while blending a spread collar shirt and black necktie; a traditional uniform for men everywhere.

Frank Sinatra in traditional menswear attire.

Marvin Gaye rocking a trend crowding a lot of men today: Geek-chic-street!
Photo: Circa 1973

Marvin Gaye sporting the full denim suit with striping and punch of red! Side note: I absolutely LOVE this shot! I see Lenny Kravitz shining in the capture.

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