NYC menswear shows are pumping off on a strong beat for Spring/Summer ‘010. With interesting cuts and fabrics, the coterie of menswear crafters seems to be incorporating distinctive trends. Very refreshing to see.

3.1 Phillip Lim

We champion and promote everything Phillip Lim. In a raw loft space yesterday—tattered and mildly ransacked—models dotted through in relaxed presentation form, sporting a tasteful crop of Spring pieces. Phillip drew collection inspiration from the ‘Beatnik Movement’. (Beatniks expressed their alienation from conventional, or “square,” society in the ‘50s.) Phillip outpoured loose and shapely trousers, wildly printed jacket and pant matching, plunging neckline t-shirts with drop-down buttons peppering downward. The accessories were fun, playful, and a bit sporty. Standouts: Detachable ankle strap footwear (great when incorporating different looks) and flashy rock star sunglasses!

Loden Dager

With mild rain monsoons swarming, my colleague Kwasi and I trekked up to Axelle Gallery to check the 4 design chaps of Loden Dager. Known for their precise sportswear fits and precision cuts, the Loden team shot out voluminous silhouettes across the board. A clear changeup for the Loden brand. The multiple pocket trousers in denim and khaki along with the ranging springy hues (bold turquoise, stonewash peaches, and sandy browns) piqued several interests. The show favorite: A slim-cut drawstring rain slicker.

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Blank Blog said...

not a big fan of these looks compared to the other recap.
these looks seem too baggy/loose on the body. i have a big preference for fitted clothing.