The word "spa" quickly conjures thoughts of peace, tranquil, zen, and all other serene synonyms. Imagine how Mr. MSR felt after striding in John Allan's welcoming clubby interiors (located @ 46 E. 46th Street) on Thanksgiving Eve. The perfect touch-up before feasting with family. As a deluxe grooming indulge I chose John Allan's full white glove (literally) experience!

The Signature Full Service (Only $65) pampering boasts: A deep scalp shampoo massage [nearly dozed off :)]. A mild hair conditioning session. Hot towel face treatment. Haircut. Manicure. Lastly, a look-down-here shoe shine!

J.A.S. staffers I engaged--from reception hosts to shampoo expert--I notice, I built quick rapports. Case-in-point: My female barber who perfected up a fly-guy dark Caesar 'cut, bundled a basket of tips for my current barber to apply. Although The Signature... packs a surplus of services, the overall session is prompt with detail attention. Simply put, John Allan ladies hands perform swiftly. (Beauty experts undergo a fierce J.A.S training regimen no matter their previous experience.)

Other offering essentials I can appreciate: A quintessential pool table for shooting billiards with pals. A private bar stocking top shelf libations and a cozy TV room to kickback with treasured sitcoms.

John Allan's Grooming Goods:

Currently I'm interacting the brand's newest Travel Kit bundle! The "guy tested, airline approved" see-through pouch of grooming essentials (Ocean Shampoo, Mint Conditioner, Scrub Face Exfoliant, Shave Cream, and Bodywash all in 1.0z bottles) eliminates your need for boxy + big beauty items.

Mr. MSR say "condense is always the best sense!


Sallomazing! said...

Only $65?!!! Was that a mis-type? I need to treat some men I love.

MS Reviewer said...

That was not a typo, figure is correct! Treat on...