Time-to-time I check-in on other blogs just to see what they’re providing to the cyber communities. With that said today’s Blog highlight reigns from my neck-of-the-woods: Brooklyn! “The Brooklyn Circus” is co-run by my friend Ouigi a.k.a. The Bearded Man. His lifestyle mens boutique in Park Slope always provides a great experience each time I get the chance to visit. Often times, I tend to visit the boutiques’ blog to keep in the loop of everything The Brooklyn Circus. So navigating the blog earlier I saw these shots and was impressed with the gentlemen's hook-up.

I present to you Casual Luxe at its BEST:

The comfy hoodie paired over a rugby and slim-fitting denims are key items I appreciate in the luxe hook-up! Other accessories like the Gucci carry-on and slouch beanie seals the deal

'The Bearded Man' also sporting a chill luxe-look!

All photos Courtesy of "The Brooklyn Circus"

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