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Why is it, that every New Year everyone gets bitten by the ‘new gym membership’ bug (No lie though, I got bit hard last year. lol)! It amazes me at the new-member floods gyms worldwide receive. Time Out New York magazine dedicated four (4) consecutive issues for the month of January simply encouraging [people] readers to “GET YOUR S…. TOGETHER.” But on a serious note, I encourage gym memberships. Home calisthenics is cool, but nothing beats plowing the boxing bag.

As a proud and active member of CRUNCH, I have to say health wise you’re body is in total balance when consistently exercising. The icing on the cake is always: RESULTS.

So take the first step and incline your walk to the local gym. Also, a great offering most gyms are currently providing: slashing initiation fees (those fees can skyrocket); get a month free and even no fees for this month (only applies for David Barton Gym).

MaleStyle Review Gym recommendations:

With locations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami

NYSC (New York Sports Club)
With locations in New York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia

DavidBartonGym (there’s no spacing in title)
With locations in New York, South Beach and Chicago.

**Note- The experience this GYM provides it’s not normal. Just picture Ian Schrager designing a gym!

Unfortunately, there only location is in New York.

Gold’s GYM
Gold’s GYM has locations in most states.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for gym or workout suggestions. Do you need a workout regimen that breeds results? If so, I have two trainer friends (one at CRUNCH, the other at NYSC) whose boot camp fitness training will GET IT RIGHT and TIGHT!

Feel the BURN….

After I made this post, I got this link for a free workout at Chelsea Piers.


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michiboo said...

its all about looking right in your clothes. thats a true stylish person in my opinion. thanks for that info about the gym. iam info my male friends about the free pass at chelsea