All Star Weekends wasn't strong as last year, but the fact still remains: It's All-Star Weekend!

Glitz, product launches, celebrated endorsements, fashion (++), press galore and other frenzies engulfed All-Star Weekend in New Orleans this year. I didn't get to watch various segments because of my mini vacation this weekend. I did however, get to watch rerun clips in the hotel of the '3-point shoot out' and 'slam dunk contest' (my fave!). My boooyyy Dwight Howard defied gravity with several elevated and creative dunks. Gerad Green showed out also with his blowout-cupcake-candle dunk. Ultimately, superman (his cape was fresh) Howard reigned supreme.

Congrats to Jason Kapono for winning the three-point shoot contest.

All Star weekend oozed modern style in concjunction with court-balling skills. Overall style MVP for the weekend was Mr. LeBron James (props to B.Lynn camp) .

Sidebar--LBJ received All Star MVP for the 2nd year in a row.

Back to LBJ's styling. I saw at least 4 different fresh outfits furnished throughout the weekend, from Mr. James. The ogling outfit for Mr. MS R was a tailored heather gray high collar-bone trench he donned during a game.

Another winner was this dressy ensemble for his and Jay Z's coveted annual 'Two Kings Dinner.'

Well-groomed LBJ and girlfriend Savannah.

Two Kings toasting to the "Good Life."


Anonymous said...

That trench coat is dope. Do you happen to know the designer?

MS Reviewer said...

I'm not sure who the designer is anony. But I'm sure you can find a similar variation at Club Monaco or Burberry (try first).