My trip ended in sunny Florida and I travel back north to rain drenching NYC—a big transition from summery 85F. As I said in the earlier post I went South for a wedding (eldest uncle). A lot of family, family, and more family, I never knew existed or met before. The family tree was uprooted for me on this recent trip. I didn't get to venture to South Beach (slight sad face) because of so many gatherings and pre-wedding soiree (bachelor party). Hence, no reporting on the South Beach culture.

I did experience a cool new find despite my absence on Collins Ave.: Drive-thru pharmacies. It's everything fellas! Filling and picking up prescriptions all while in your vehicle seems very cool and convenient! I was a little excited to witness them and wonder if NYC would follow-suit? Then again, land space is limited and scarce in the Big Apple.

Moving further now. Let me take you back to the fun times, styling, and bloopers I captured in Florida.

Mr. MS R pre-wedding shot.
I decided to go sans socks to kick some more flair to the suit. Aviators (nameless) cemented everything.

Cousin styling in shirt-vest-tie pinstripe combo.
Accessory note: Silver thin watch faces/band are great compliments for black dressy getups.

A happy Uncs (and best man) awaiting his bride.

Mr. MS R and aunt.

A extra-happy cousin being escorted by two burly groomsmen.

Uncs. and aunt lighting UNITY candles.

It's Official.

Uncle and little cousins flashing Floridian swagger.
Keep an eye on little man in the front-left;he's displaying extra swag with the hands-in-pocket gesture.

l to r: Mother, Mr. MS R, and uncle beaming megawatts.

Gramps and aunts.
I think we all inherited the megawatts from Gramps.

Gramps and uncles giving the Gently stance.

Wedding attendees cutting some rug.

Young boy really moving. lol.

Mr. MS R with newlyweds.

Peace out from Florida. ;)

PS: Look what someone caught at the reception. Is this a telling sign? lol.

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