Modern day debonair Tom Ford called up Erykah Badu—according to reports—to be the face for his new fragrance. The fragrance title hasn’t been released yet to the [fashion] public. I’m sure whatever the name, sales figures will soar like its sister fragrance—Black Orchid. Talk about great timing for Erykah; her album is slated for release this month. I can’t wait to see the ads with E (her beauty always translates well). Tom always delivers with his adverts.

We all remember the memorable adverts he produced in his GUCCI heyday.

My favorite Ford ad's


Samiyyah Aisha said...

Thanks for the recap on these ads. Def. new to my eyes. Not sure how old they are but I am assuming their dated? Whatever the case may be, I would def. like to see more ads like it in magazines.

Nice work

Zandile said...

so like, I LIVED for this ad campaign! you know that's going to be me and zandile jr. in like five years right!? my baby will be naked too, but will be rocking a sick 20 inch weave!!!