Since their Broadway debut, I have continued to hear roaring reviews, praises, and rounds of cheers for this transcending play. I had the chance to bear witness to the aforementioned attributes in tonight’s final Broadway preview. I couldn’t have let the play depart without ingesting some Sophia and Harpo (played by Broadway newbie’s Chaka Khan and Bebe Winnans). From the moment I entered ‘Broadway Theatre’ I was in wonderment by The Color Purple’s strong cast and crew.

The seats were great (plus a great seat partner didn’t hurt.)! And the crowd’s inclusion was even greater. Overall, the play was a very loose adaptation of 'The Color Purple' movie. A lot of powerful movie scenes were excluded from the play (Shug Avery singing at church); I still enjoyed it anyhow. The legendary Chaka Khan and gospel great Mr. Winnans contracted their acting muscles richly. I was indeed, pleased. The musical songs were contemporary versions to the original movie soundtrack. I thought that was real edgy on their part.

The show has said goodbye (I hope just for a while) to Broadway but be sure to catch ‘The Color Purple’ musical national tour in a city near you.

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