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In the Spirit

It’s hard for some of us to believe that the world is served when we seek our own happiness. We’ve been taught that this is selfish.

If we stop to reflect on how we are in the world when we are happy, we can see how this serves. We have more vitality. We’re more loving and generous to others when our own needs are met.

What activities bring you greatest joy? Your unique gift to the world will be found in those pastimes you love the most.

How can you live your joy each day?

"Spiritual growth is not made in reaction against, for all striving against imposed restrictions is imaginary. Spiritual growth is accomplished by inclination toward. We grow like the sunflower, following the light."


The world’s most innovative companies (TOP 50).

Oscar’s product placement wranglers. Imagine this job title on your cv?

Boosting profits at WSJ (Wall Street Journal).

Clinton gets real up in arms with Obama’s political messaging dissemination.

Japan vies for a spot in the digital age boom.

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