This week’s suave and cool gents. Besides the styling, all these men shares one commonality:Their effortless style.

P. Dempsey beamed bright and sartorial for the VERSACE show in Milan recently.

Ashton, take your time brother.
Your look here is well styled; well groomed and runway-esque.

Will + Jada you get my vote for best-everything!
They're the modern day Huxtables in my opinion.

Reggie Bush sporting the contemporary Trench.
The buttons kick added flair to this casual getup.

Matthew Fox displaying a MOD hyper-tailored suit at the Vantage Point movie premiere.

Tom, I'm liking your double-breast and sweater-tie ensemble.
Sidebar--Bulky watches shouldn't be an accessory pairing.

PS: Katie your A. McQueen frock definitely compliments Tom double-breast power suit.

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