A youthful (not juvenille) looking Zoë .

A one time Daddy's girl.

Zoë Kravitz: The girl who everyone secretly envied for having über parents (Lenny Krav. & Lisa Bonet). I came across this photo from the GUCCI U.N. Dinner (the hottest event last week for fashionites) hosted by legendary pop star sensation—Madonna. Seeing her with my raw eye I didn't even recognize her; it was only after seeing a photo caption. As she matures, it’s evident she’s a bona fide über creation.

In the words of ‘The-Dream’, “Zoë is a ten, a ten.” Lol.

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aawesome said...

Yes, the Gucci event was the hottest fashion week ticket! I'm happy to report that I was in the building. Although it was star studded, the crowd was S-T-U-F-F-Y!!!

Zoe Kravitz is cute and SHORT as hell, but I'm just not feeling this cut she has going on.