The recent Barack Obama video sparked this post.

It’s a post that shows our future president in a real yet honest light. We often see the brush up Obama, and not the candid more younger-lad Obama. As our future president, I think it’s good for the John Q. public to know his formative years (glimpse into how he’ll handle is presidency) and as you’ll see below the man originates from good stock. From reading his books (Dreams of My Father defined him for Mr. MSR) you instantly become in tune with his remarkable story. I gathered some photos to gives a brief visual representation of the man—GOD faithfully willing—we’ll soon call President.

Ann Dunham (Mom) with two-year-old cheerful Barack.

Barack displaying his youthful batter up stance in Hawaii!

Barack breezing with fellow Punahou (a prestigious school in Honolulu) classmates.

Barack at Punahou b-ball stylin' with a closeup jump shot.

Brack displaying 70's flair with Afro and jazzy spread collared shirt.

This ultra-stylish shot was taken his 2nd year at Harvard when he became president of the Harvard Law Review. The swagger in his lax pose is adding a lot of luxe to his anorak.

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Anonymous said...

Intelligent + Style= Winner in my book.