A new compliment for MaleStyle Review.
This section came into play after being introduced to our 1st MaleStyle Review Debonair: Sheg Aranmolate.

Real Name: Olusegun (Olu-sheg-un) "Sheg" Aranmolate

Age: 24

Occupation: Medical Researcher

Sheg Aranmoate hails from Lagos, Nigeria. I was introduced to Sheg through Oprah’s new show: OPRAH’s BIG GIVE (it's more surreal than reality based. show premieres tomorrow 9/8c on ABC). From exclusive excerpts I glimpsed Mr. Sheg stylin’ while equally being a big giver. His clothing choices: Suits, Sleek Blazers (the super-white I previewed is a killer); Waist Leather Jackets; and Suede cropped outerwear’s, just to name few.

On BIG GIVE, Nate Berkus (show host) refers to Sheg as “Mr. Style.”

“Mr. Style is what I call Sheg; every time I see him he looks as if he just stepped out a men fashion magazine (what a quote to offer).”

The 24-year-old has since earned a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and molecular biology and a master's degree in applied molecular biology. In addition to his educational pedigree, the debonair just finished penning a book (iACTUATE: 100 days of inspiration) on very simple reasons to be inspired and make a difference.

**Each week or whenever, I’ll feature a Gent who I truly feel embodies a MaleStyle Review Debonair. If you believe you or someone you know represents male style exceptionally well, and don’t mind answering a few random questions for our readers, submit a stylish shot (preferably head-to-toe) and contact information to: malestylereview@gmail.com for consideration.

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Anonymous said...

This guy has great style. And having a giving heart to boot isn't bad one bit.