I stumbled on this question in a Men’s Accessories section of a revered publication.

Question: Why don’t we see more bow ties? I’ve always thought a guy in a bow tie looks like a gentleman, not to mention that he has a much smaller chance of dropping food on his tie. Or is the bow tie really reserved for schmucks?

Where has this person been hibernating? Bow ties have resurged with a forceful vengeance. I am seeing them everywhere: Editorials, city streets, parties, and even at casual restaurants. Astute Lawyers aren’t the only representation for the accessory piece anymore. You’re seeing a multitude of style players rocking bow ties. We’re noticing hipsters pairing it with suspenders; savvy-gents tucking it underneath sweaters; and even ladies sporting with cropped cotton blouses.

You readers know I’m a sucker for market! I went hunting, virtually, for my best bows.

Union Jack bow tie by Union Jack Wear

Two-tone textured bow tie by New Style

Dandy bow ties by Impasse 13 (Creator was the ‘Accessories Designer’ behind Dior Homme.)

More bow ties by Impasse13. I like how each bowtie acquires a distinct shape.

Tartan bow tie by Old Wallace

Update: I noticed in the comments section, many Gents are a little challenged when it comes to tying a bow tie. To help with that, I found this great "how to tie a bow tie" clip that's simple and easy to follow. After this video I believe you'll be the bow tie pro!

How To Tie A Bow Tie


Phil said...

My problem is that I can't tie this things. But they are hot!

Anonymous said...

A lot of the problem is that most men have trouble tying them and clip on's look silly. I know it's a big deal for guys I know who are always surprised when I wear them how easy they are for me to tie.

Young Global said...

bowties are the best...

Ignacio said...

I agree totally. I have found these guys to have excellent bowties, pocketsquares and cufflinks all at great prices. Check em out - www.bowtiestyle.com

MS Reviewer said...

Thanks for the great link ignacio.